FREE visitors and FREE links to your web site, and improve your search engine rating.

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Explode your site traffic, site popularity, sales and income. For FREE!

  • Do you need more visitors for your web site?
  • Do you need more sales leads?
  • Do you need to promote your affiliate programs or mlm program?
  • How much profit could you make from hundreds of thousands of new visitors?
  • Do you need a better search engine rating, so your site ranking is higher and more people can find you?
  • Do you need to advertize your business, web site, products and services?
  • Do you have a friend with a web site or business that needs more visitors or customers?

Get an ongoing supply of new visitors, links and an improved search engine ranking all for FREE.

Visitors are like GOLD, they are valuable. Visitors = Money, but getting visitors to your site can be difficult and expensive, but now there is a new way.

Now you can have:

  • 1,000,000+ (one million plus) visitors, for FREE!
  • 1,000,000+ (one million plus) web pages with links to your site, for FREE!
  • An improved search engine rating, so your site is easier to find.

But this is not all, you will get an ongoing stream of visitors for FREE. (Click here to see some alternatives, if you have cash to burn.)

Note You can control the number of visitors, to suit your needs, so this is suitable for everyone.



Advertizing or promoting your web site will typically cost you money and will only effective for a limited period. With EMS you will get an ongoing supply of new visitors, new links to your web site and and increase your search engine rating / ranking / popularity, all for FREE and forever.


EMS (ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM) attracts new visitors to registered sites, automatically creates new links to registered sites, which improves their search engine rating all for FREE. The objective of EMS is to enable you to promote your web site, business, products and services, without costing you a cent. EMS is suitable for promoting any web site or business.

If you need:
  • To spread the word about what you have to offer.
  • More visitors / customers / interest, for your business, web site, products or services.
  • To generate awareness for your Web site, business, products, service, information or brand.
  • To advertise.
  • To improve your search engine ranking - rating - popularity, so surfers can find you more easily.


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EMS is like networking but easier, and spreads faster, never loses your business card and works for you 24*7 for FREE.

Like most brilliant ideas it is basically simple. Just like networking EMS works by sharing information but instead of people sharing the information it is done automatically. There are millions of surfers on line 24 hours per day and EMS is intended to encourage more of them to visit registered sites. EMS uses a series of techniques which includes actively encouraging visitors to visit registered sites, and improving your search engine ranking so more sufers can find your site via the search engines.

The web, has millions of web sites, and the majority of these want more visitors and a better search engine rating, EMS has been designed to help you and millions of other web sites who would like more visitors.

After you have confirmed that would would like more visitors, and an improved search engine rating everything can done automatically, so it does not waste your valuable time. It only takes a few minutes to get started so do it today and we will help you to get more visitors.

So how does it work exactly. When a visitor registers, to get more visitors to their site, we ask them to visit a few sites that have previously registered, which only takes a couple of minutes. This will typically provide new vistors to these sites.

But EMS does much more than just send visitors to registered sites, it also automatically creates additional web pages with links to registered web sites, that will help to improve their search engine ranking, so more visitors will be able to find your site via the major search engines.

EMS makes it possible to get 1,000,000+ new visitors and 1,000,000+ new links to your site (we still have not changed our mind, it is still all FREE).

What EMS does do is to provide phenominal promotion for your web site, business, products and services. You can look at EMS, as effortless networking on a massive scale, providing lots of traffic and additional interest. Some of the bigest empires have used elements of EMS to build their empires so it works. EMS however makes it available for everyone, and makes it easier for smaller sites to compete online and offline.

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No. We have very carefully analysed the benefits and problems of online marketing for years. When developing EMS it was important provide an integrated marketing solution that will help all online sites compete for the millions of online visitors; without the catches or opportunities for cheats to defraud. EMS will not flood your inbox with junk mail, charge you per click or per visit (these are open to a lot of abuse) etc. We have made it FREE so it will allow the part time workers, self employed, and SME's (Small Medium Enterprises) to promote themselves and be more profitable.

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  • 1 Generate you a lot of additional visitors.
  • 2 Automatically create a lot of addditional links to your web site.
  • 3 Help improve your search engine rating - ranking, making it easier for more visitors to find you.
  • 4 Help target qualified visitors to your web site.
  • 5 Help you to increase your personal or business profits.
  • 6 To enable you to help others on a Win-Win basis.
  • 7 Increase awareness of your web site, business, brand, products, services and information.
  • 8 Allow you to manage your Enhanced Marketing System, including traffic management.
  • 9 Generate and ongoing stream of visitors.
  • 9 Provide cost effective advertizing.
  • 10 Provide you with a legitimate way to promote your business spam FREE.
  • 11 Assist the part time workers, self employed and SME's (Small Medium Enterprises) compete for their share of global visitors.
  • 12 Be automatic and self perpetuating. After setting up (which only takes a few minutes) leave it to run automatically.
  • 13 Intergrate with additional income streams.
  • 14 Generate additional income opportunities.
  • 15 Avoid anything that requires ongoing time or effort.

The Enhanced Marketing System is all about making your site the CENTER OF ATTENTION.

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The key advantages of the (EMS) ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM are:

  • Encourages visitors to visit your site.
  • Automatically creates new web pages with links to your site.
  • Suitable for all sites, big and small.
  • Ideal for helping sole traders and (SME's) Small, Medium Enterprises to compete in the global market place.
  • Improves your site's rating - ranking - popularity on search engines, so you get a higher ranking.
  • Provides you with online TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT.
  • Can be changed online using our CONTROL SYSTEM.
  • Provides additional interest and value to your site.
  • Suitable for charities, information sites, clubs, and Non Profit organisations.

Our copyrighted, proprietry (EMS) ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM including the CONTROL SYSTEM and TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT features, provide you with the ability to control your marketing. However we would like to draw your attention to the following warning.


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  • It is easy to set up in a few minutes.
  • It does not cost you anything to set up.
  • You do not pay to promote your web site, business, products or services. This is all FREE.
  • It is self perpetuating, and requires no on going effort, to progressively provide an ever increasing number of visitors.
  • It is an efficient way to get hundreds of thousands of new visitors.
  • It works for you 24*7, while you sleep, or have fun.
  • It does not require you to create additional promotional material, it uses your existing web site.

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What you need is traffic, TRAFFIC and more TRAFFIC. Traffic is valuable (i.e. TRAFFIC = MONEY), and how do you get TRAFFIC, you use the (EMS) ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM. If no one knows about you, no one will buy your goods or services (Note If you do not have any goods or services to market but still want to make money, we can help you, a link to this information will be provided when you register. For now let us focus on the viral marketing and how to get traffic.

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Ok, so how can the (EMS) ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM be used to promote your web site.

Firstly we will provide you with a personalised marketing page like this one but including a link to your web site, and links to promote your personalised marketing page.

You should take every opportunity to promote your personalised marketing page as aggressively as possible; as this is what will help to build your traffic, and why pay to advertise your personalised marketing page somewhere else when you can do it on your own site for FREE. Apart from your home page we suggest that you add a link on other popular pages, as you want to maximise the promotion of your business, and promoting your web site, business, products and services is exactly what the Enhanced Marketing System will do.

It may initially sound silly to aggressively promote your personalised marketing page on your own web site but it will work. In addition to providing an easy way for your visitors to help you to market your business, some visitors will send a link (or tell their friends) to visit your site to find out how to promote their business. This is getting you additional interest in your site and business. Providing this facility on your web site (which will be of interest to millions of people) will help to create additional interest for your site, and additional visitors are a bonus. Virtually every visitor will either have a site of their own, or know of a friend with a site that needs more traffic. The Tell a friend links on your personalised marketing page will also help to target interested parties to your personalised marketing page.

By letting others know how they can increase their site traffic will be a major benefit to both them and to you.

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Let us look at some hard numbers, so you can see how it works. Let us say that 10 visitors visit your personalised marketing page and want more traffic to their site, and let us face it most people will want more visitors even if they currently have thousands of hits per hour, so this will not be difficult.

When each of these 10 people register on your personalised marketing page, they will be taken to the Enhanced Marketing System links page, that lists severn links including yours and a sponser's link. After visiting the links including yours; your visitor will be able to submit the enhanced marketing system links page. They will then automatically be sent their own personalised marketing page. On their personalised marketing page your link will be moved down one position, with their link now at the top.

So how does this benefit you?:

  • Your web site is being promoted on 10 new web pages / sites.
  • Your web site popularity rating will be increased as there are now an additional 10 links to your site.
  • You have now had 10 visitors*.
* Some of these visitors may have used the link on your site; while others may have come via a link on an email or other promotion method, but all will have visited your site at least once. For lower levels these will almost always be new visitors to your site.

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As people register, under the people who registered under you, things start to explode. If only 10 people register under the 10 who register under you etc. by level 6 you will have over 1,000,000 visitors and over 1,000,000 links to your web site. Of course it does not stop, it keeps expanding, bringing you a progressive increase in traffic. Note you can control your traffic online at any stage if you wish using the traffic control system.

Level Total number who have joined under you Number of pages where your site is displayed Minimum number of visitors
1 10 11 10
2 110 111 110
3 1110 1111 1110
4 11110 11111 11110
5 111110 111111 111110
6 1111110 1111111 1111110

Note The figures shown here do not include any additional visitors you can be expected to receive as a result of an improved search engine ranking.

Even with moderate numbers of (10) registering on each site the (EMS) ENHANCED MARKETING SYSTEM will generate over 1,000,000 visitors. You will not get 1,000,000 instantly but the numbers will rapidly build up, this is a good thing as it allows you to progressively adjust to an increasing demand for your products and services. You can always use the traffic control system, to control your traffic if required. You never lose control, you can slow down the rate of increase of new visitors or even stop all new visitors for a period, all online.



Complete the form below and click on the "I agree to Terms" button, visit the links on the enhanced marketing system links page. Visiting the links will only take a few minutes, and we hope that the sites will also be of interest to you, some may be able to assist you in your business or personal interests.

We will then provide you some example links to use on your web pages or in your emails, your personalised marketing page, and information on how to start becoming a successful online marketeer.

Email address:
This email address will only be used for administration and must continue to be available. We do not sell or distribute your email address to any other parties.
Web site:
Enter the full web page address (link / Url) that you wish visitors to go to. In general this should be your home page (i.e.

Input a title that will help to promote your web site, business, products and services.
Terms and conditions

It is a requirement that you comply with the following terms and conditions to use the Enhanced Marketing System. No entry may contain, promote or be associated with any material that is of an indecent nature, profane, abusive, racist in nature, provides any false representation, attempts to defraud, does not conform to trading standards, or is in involved in any criminal activity. Your site will be checked for any violation and we reserve the right to deactivate any entry that in our opinion violates these terms and conditions. We will keep you informed of the current status and provide you with links so that you can make online changes and control the traffic to your site. This will be emailed to you not more frequently than once per week. We try to include some tips / links that will help you to promote your business or help you to earn more money and a sponsor's message. We have developed the Enhanced Marketing System to give you optimum results, if you have a suggestion please use the link in your registration email. We want this to be fair to all members and making unauthorised changes will result in deactivation. If you are prepared to comply with this click on the I agree to terms button.

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